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As we move towards the Easter break, we have a full timetable of activities for the children and families at Orchard Primary School.

The children have had a really busy start to this half-term, with a Space Day, World Book Day, and Year 4 have had an Anglo Saxon Day. Several classes had great fun making pancakes on Shrove Tuesday – Well done to the brave teachers and helpers, as pancakes for 30 little people is a mammoth task! The Year 4’s have adopted a chef, and have had weekly sessions learning to make some meals – very delicious too.

Upcoming trips include a visit to the Zoo, the Aquarium, the Science Museum and the Natural History Museum. Trips are an important part of the children’s education, as well as making the curriculum fun and accessible. Year 4 will be visiting Wide Horizons for some outdoor education. We will be holding a Science and Technology day at school, with visitors from a range of Science and Technology backgrounds coming in to work with the children.

Parents and children have attended Parents evenings to discuss the mid-year reports and set targets for the rest of the year. These evenings were well attended, and Parents were pleased with the new half-year reports.

Coming up we will be celebrating Red Nose day on 24th March, and enjoying a fun-filled day.

Orchard Primary School has now entered the modern age, and has a Facebook and Twitter account. You can now follow us on: Facebook – Orchard Primary School and Twitter is @Orchard Sidcup. We will use these accounts to send out reminders about events and trips.

Enjoy the longer brighter days!

Jo Rowntree
Head Teacher

3 March 2017

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Latest News

Next week - school finishes for half term on Thursday 25th May at 3.15pm.

Monday 22nd May - Year 5 visit to British Museum.

Wednesday 24th May - Grandparents welcome to visit the Nursery, 11.00-12.00.

Parents of Y4/5 pupils going to Norfolk Lakes in November: next payment of £50 due by Thursday 26th May, please.

Parents of Y6 pupils going to Chessington: full payment is due by Thursday 26th May.

Football Rules

Image result for football rules for kids

All players at Orchard!

Football does 'RULE!'

But sometimes our passion brings out the wrong reaction.

Mr Cowley has discussed what causes problems during a game of footie

and also reminds us to have fun - that's what it should be about.

Take a look at our rules so we all know how to play at


Football Rules

Fidget Spinners

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Whole School

Recently a number of children have been bringing fidget spinners to school.

Fidget spinners were originally designed to assist with concentration and as a

distraction device for both adults and children.

They were not intended to be used as toys.

In the last week or so, teachers have had to confiscate fidget spinners

from a number of children as they have been played with in class,

meaning learning has been disrupted.

We have had some being dropped and broken on the playground.

In addition we don’t wish to see anyone having a disagreement as to the ownership of each spinner.

We appreciate that these are costly and we always

encourage children to look after their property.

For these reasons we have decided, like many other schools around the UK, to ask children not

to have fidget spinners in school from next week.

Thank you for your understanding.

Staff Training Day

Image result for staff training

Whole School

No children wil be in school on this day.

Staff only.

Friday 26th May

Aspire to achieve            Believe in yourself            Care for each other


As the Internet becomes ever more accessible, it is important to remember about using the Internet safely. The term e-safety is used to cover this area.

Good practices include, keeping your username and password safe and not sharing it with others, as well as, to tell a trusted adult if someone or something has made you uncomfortable or worried whilst on the Internet.

The NCA’s CEOP Command is here to help children and young people. They are here to help, if you are a young person and you or your friend have been forced or tricked into doing something online, or in the real world.

They also have advice and links to support for other online problems young people might face, such as cyberbullying and hacking. Click here to visit their site >>
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