Teacher: Miss Maddison
Teaching Assistants: Miss Gage, Miss Mitchell & Mrs Say
Our Reception class is a busy, imaginative place, full of learning and fun! Every day we carry out adult led and child initiated activities and we move between inside and outside.

We are learning to be independent as well as how to make good relationships with others. We really enjoy our Phonics and Maths and we are all making great progress.

Our favourite is Forest school where we are learning about Nature as well as developing our cooperation, resilience and ability to solve problems and challenge ourselves.

We are great at coming to school every day and always make our teachers smile!

1 January 2017

Reception Topic Information Summer Term 2

(updated 15 June 2017)

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Tesco Trip

We have been learning about food this half term.

Mrs Brett-Smith thought it would be interesting for Reception to see how a big supermarket stores its food behind the scenes.

So she arranged for us to go to Tesco in Welling.

We sent off on the 51, which was fun on its own and headed towards the store. Jackie was waiting for us in the entrance to take us through the doors that no customers are allowed to enter.

Upstairs in the staff canteen, Jackie had tables ready with plates of food.

Feeling a bit like Celebrity Jungle, she explained that we should all try the food even if that was just licking it. What a positive attitude! Everyone gave it a go and tried prunes, which most agreed were yummy, pitta bread and crackers with a Greek dip, tzatziki.

Then we set off on a tour off the warehouse including the fridge and extremely cold freezer, we only managed to stay for 15 seconds.

The favourite was the bakery, which was not only warm but Ali was busy bagging cookies, sadly we didn't taste these. Jackie spoke about the ovens, which were huge, and how the goods are bagged.

Next we headed to the fishmongers where we all put on blue hygiene gloves to touch a fish, poor little chap bet he has never had so many fingers in his mouth.

Last up was the vegetables. Jackie tested us on our knowledge of root vegetables and tree or bush grown veggies.

What a learning experience!

Jackie shared her knowledge with us and we all left knowing a lot more about food, where it comes from and how to store it.

Supermarkets will never look the same to us now!

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Stay and Learn Maths

This session was all about Maths!

At Orchard we have been using a new programme called Maths Mastery, and we are impressed with the results.

Mrs Brett- Smith started off with a couple of Maths songs to warm up the brains.

Then we all sat in a circle to watch the demonstration.

Afterwards, parents took their children off to to practise what they had just seen.

Lots of fun but most importantly lots of learning.

Another great lesson from Mrs Brett-Smith.

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Making Oats Playdoh

In Maths we have been learning about full. Mrs Brett-Smith decided to show us what full looks like.

We made Oats Playdoh!

1 cup of flour

2 cups of oats

1 cup of water

Each cup had to be full, not half full but all the way to the top.

Now we understand what full means.

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Reception/ Nursery Make-Over

We are in the process of improving our Reception/Nursery play area. To achieve this we need help from parents and carers.

So on Saturday 5th November, we worked together to tidy and wash the outside area. This is just part one of the make over and we will be asking again for help to paint the wooden toys and create areas for children to be creative in. If you want to help then please volunteer, we will say 'YES!'

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