Year 1

Teacher: Mrs Mansouri-Johnson
In Year 1 we are enthusiastic learners who try our best in everything we do. We are learning to become more independent and try new things, always embracing a challenge.

We work in a fun and safe learning environment where the ethos is for everyone to try your best ‘have a go even if you don’t know’.

We start our day off the same way each morning. We love going to work with our various adults for phonics and move onto our handwriting and literacy. After a well earned break we settle down to our maths sessions which are fast and full of fun activities. Guided reading comes next where we show off all our reading skill from decoding the text to predicting what will happen next. After lunch we engage in our creative activities.

To find out more about our class and what activities we have been undertaking on a daily basis then please take a look at the details below. This page will be regularly updated with new material so please keep checking back for new information.

1 January 2017

Year 1 Topic Information Summer Term

(updated 12 May 2017)

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Making Bread

Continuing the theme of 'Little Red Riding Hood', Year 1 spent a session making bread.

Why bread you may ask? Well Granny was ill and obviously couldn't make it to the shops.

So poor Little Red Riding Hood had to take a fresh loaf for her favourite Granny.

Year 1 really enjoyed getting their hands covered in dough and creating delicious crusty rolls for Granny to eat with her soup.

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Little Red Riding Hood

Year 1 have been reading 'Little Red Riding Hood' as part of their Power of Reading.

When they arrived at school, they discovered that a crime had been committed in their classroom. There was furniture on the floor, Little Red Riding Hood's cloak, basket and bread had been abandoned and they saw several large footprints.

This would need an investigation to solve the crime and to locate the perpetrator. In the middle of the class discussing who could have committed the crime, two police officers arrived telling Year 1 pupils that they had received a phone call informing them of the crime and they would begin the investigation.

Who would have taken Little Red Riding Hood?

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