Year 3

Teacher: Mrs Foy
We enjoy coming to school and are eager to learn from Mrs Foy who provides us with an exciting, interesting and fun /challenging activities. Our lessons help us to develop our inquisitive minds and we are encouraged to ask questions.

The Power of Reading in literacy supports this desire to dissect and understand books in more depth, with drama playing a role in learning.

To find out more about our class and what activities we have been undertaking on a daily basis then please take a look at the details below. This page will be regularly updated with new material so please keep checking back for new information.

Year 3 Topic Information Summer Term 2

(updated 15 June 2017)

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Sports Day

Year 3 love 'FUN!'

Well they all enjoy Sorts Day. Lots of happy faces and of course teamwork.

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The Natural History Museum

Year 3 went on a trip to London to visit the Natural History Museum.

They have been busy learning about earthquakes and volcanoes. So, Mr Taylor arranged for them to experience volcanoes and earthquakes in an action packed science show.

They learned how geological forces from deep within the Earth make a real earthquake and how lava erupts from volcanoes.

Part of the show is to explain about the structure of the Earth and tectonic plates which is what they have been studying in class.

Egyptian Day

In Year 3, they have been busy learning about Egypt and it is a fascinating subject.

Today everyone came to school dressed in the Egyptian theme from Mummies to Pharaohs.

The day started by learning about Mummies and why they performed the ritual of Mummification. Then it was time for a bit of writing but not the normal way. No today was all Egyptian so it was Hieroglyphs, the formal writing used in Ancient Egypt. I'm sure you have seen it before? It consists of symbols to represent the alphabet.

In the afternoon, Year 3 created necklaces and a cartouche pendant using paint.

Tomorrow will feel rather boring in comparison.

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Year 3 Class Assembly

Today, Year 3 held their class assembly to show pupils and parents what they have been learning.

The topic was 'Explorers' including space explorers.

Watch the video below.

Egyptian Day

Year 3 have been learning about Egypt, from their history (mummies), lifestyle, culture and discovering what they thought they knew about this amazing country.

Everyone in Year 3 came to school dressed as an Egyptian including Miss Sharma who was Cleopatra.

Not too sure who went the extra and dressed as a mummy though!

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