Year 3

Teacher: Miss Hall
Teaching Assistant Mrs Rashbrook
We enjoy coming to school and are eager to learn from Mrs Foy who provides us with an exciting, interesting and fun /challenging activities. Our lessons help us to develop our inquisitive minds and we are encouraged to ask questions.

The Power of Reading in literacy supports this desire to dissect and understand books in more depth, with drama playing a role in learning.

To find out more about our class and what activities we have been undertaking on a daily basis then please take a look at the details below. This page will be regularly updated with new material so please keep checking back for new information.

Year 3 Topic Information Summer Term 2

(updated 15 June 2017)

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Pizza Express

On Friday 27th November, we went to Orpington High Street to learn about food at the Pizza Express restaurant.

Our Project Curriculum is about Italy and we have been learning about the country, history and culture.

Pizza is recognised as originating from Italy so we learnt how to make a traditional stone baked pizza. The chef showed us how to take a ball of dough and stretch it into a circle base ready for the passata sauce.

We learnt that pizzas are cooked in a wood burning stone baking oven which cannot be duplicated by our traditional gas and electric stoves. The even distribution of the heat in the domed clay and stone ovens and the quality and flavour of the natural fire result in a distinctive taste.

Stone ovens are used by speciality bread and pizza bakers and are common in Italy. We all enjoyed the trip and understand how food plays a big role in Italian familys.

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Roman Day

On Thursday 11th November, we came to school dressed as Romans as it was our special curriculum day.

Our Project Curriculum is about the Romans and this term we have been learning a range of interesting facts.

During our exciting day dressed as Romans we learnt how to make Roman bread. We learnt the important skill of kneading the dough. It is essential that we knead the dough as it allows the protein to act as a binding agent which ensures the dough stays together during baking.

We learnt about Roman numerals from 0-12 and how they still exist today. We became special detectives and cracked a hidden code using the Roman numerals and our numbers that we use today.

We have started to create our own Roman mosaics. They are a lengthy process as we want to make sure they are perfect. Therefore we have first created a design on paper, then we will evaluate these designs and create them again but we will use gummed paper. Then finally we will begin to use mdf board and glass tiles to create our own Roman mosaics.

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