Year 4

Teacher: Mrs Johnson & Mrs Marriott
Teaching Assistant: Miss Little
In Year 4, we are a hard working class who always try our best at all times. We enjoy sharing our ideas and showing what we have learnt through practical activities as well as more formal written tasks.

Throughout the year we base our learning around a topic.
The three topics for the year and the linked texts are:
Chocolate and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,
Recycling and The Iron Man,
What a Wonderful World and Tales Told in Tents and Mouse, Bird, Snake, Wolf.

As Year 4 is such a key year, we are encouraged to be responsible for our own learning and behaviour. Our key rule is 'Respect' - for ourselves, our classmates, adults in the school, equipment and our class and school environment.

Our teachers hope that by the end of the year we will be confident, independent and enthusiastic learners, ready to face the challenges and fun in Year 5.

3 December 2016

Year 4 Topic Information Summer Term

(updated 12 May 2017)

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Orchard News

Year 4 have been reading the book 'Krindlekrax' by Phillip Ridley about a crocodile who lives in the sewers down Lizard Street. The main character Ruskin Splinter seems to be the only person to realise that Corky's death, his special friend the local school caretaker, is due to Krindlekrax and he is angry with all of Lizard Street for allowing it to happen.

Acting as reporters, experts in various fields and witnesses Year 4 posed the questions to each other to discover more about Kridlekrax.


This week in Year 4 we are learning to add fractions with mixed numbers.

Here are some pictures of the children working out their fractions.

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This week Year 4 have transformed into superstar news journalists.

They have been given the task of presenting a news broadcast for 'Orchard News' explaining an event from our story Krindlekrax.

Here are some photos of Year 4 working in their news teams to come up with questions for their interview with a crocodile expert.

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Year 4 have been working on expressing our feelings using facial expressions and body language.

We have created some pictures in our art lessons by taking photos of each other showing specific emotions, changing these photos into silhouettes and adding a background using patterns and colours to help convey our emotion.

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