Year 5

Teacher: Mrs Hannick
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Carson
In Year 5, we are becoming aware of our own strengths and interests and areas of development. Mrs Hannick encourages us to ‘give it a go’ even if we don’t succeed. This will help us to become more confident learners and not fear failure. As long as we have tried our best, the ethos of the class is that we will get there in the end.

In our class, we are encouraged to be independent and creative in our learning and to think for ourselves and not to always rely on others.

To find out more about our class and what activities we have been undertaking on a daily basis, then please take a look at the details below. This page will be regularly updated with new material, so please keep checking back for new information.

13 January 2017

Year 5 Topic Information Summer Term 2

(updated 15 June 2017)

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Science Museum

Continuing with the Space topic, Mrs Hannick took Year 5 to the Science Museum to see rockets, satellites, probes and landers.

They looked around the gallery in groups and explored how we’ve sent spacecraft to other planets, walked on the Moon and peered into the heart of our galaxy and beyond.

There was a full-sized replica of ‘Eagle’ – the lander that took astronauts Armstrong and Aldrin to the Moon in 1969.

The Science Museum has a virtual 3D image of Earth which you can stand next to and imagine what it must be like to look at from space.

The museum has many wonderful displays of real space rockets including the very first called Sputnik1 which was launched in 1957.

Ask a year 5 pupil how you breathe, eat, drink and go to the toilet in space and they will be able to answer.

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