Year 6

Teacher: Mr Smith & Mrs Foy
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Harvey
In Year 6 we are working hard as we come to the end of our time at Orchard Primary School. Although the work is challenging in our final year, we are also learning about lots interesting topics and having exciting trips outside of school. We are becoming confident, independent learners to help prepare us for secondary school.

Our teachers recognise that we learn in different ways and are also helping prepare us for our key stage 2 SATs. The work is challenging and they have high expectations of us, but we also enjoy our learning and will rise to challenges so that we have a successful final year at Orchard.

To find out more about our class and the things we have got up to please take a look below.

8 January 2017

Year 6 Topic Information Summer Term

(updated 12 May 2017)

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Quiz Night

Year 6 pupils and Mrs Foy organised a Quiz Night to raise funds for a trip to see 'Goodnight Mr Tom' at the Duke of York theatre in St Martin's Lane, London.

Year 6 are learning about WWII and are reading the book 'Goodnight Mr Tom' written by Michelle Magorian as part of their power of reading. The story is about a boy called William Beech, who is evacuated to the idyllic English countryside and builds a remarkable and moving friendship with the elderly recluse Tom Oakley. All seems perfect until William is devastatingly summoned by his mother back to London.

Theatre tickets cost quite a lot of money so Mrs Foy and her pupils decided to raise the necessary funds with a quiz night, always a popular event. From eleven teams, there could only be one winner, Team Fusion won and Henry's Heroes came second. Mrs Pettrozzi, of course, was the quiz master entertaining all. As a result, close to £300 was raised which was over the target amount. So, Mrs Foy will be putting the extra money towards subsequent Year 6 trips.

Evacuee Day

Year 6 have been looking at WWII as part of their Project Curriculum this term.

On Friday 22nd January, they came to school dressed as evacuees, When they arrived at school, Mrs Foy had prepared labels with their names, present location of home and their destination ready to send them to a safer environment.

After they become accustomed with their traditional WWII names, it was off to make 'Woolton Pie'. As everyone knows food was scarce during the war and rationed so this pie was not of the luxury type like a tasty Marks & Spencer's but it was filled with all the necessary nutrients needed.

Our budding chefs got busy preparing the potatoes, parsnips, swede and leeks which were placed in a pastry case filled with gravy. Yummy!!!

Next on the agenda was Literacy. Mrs Foy discussed the pros and cons of living during WWII, from the community feeling, appreciating what you had and the experience of moving and living in the countryside. To the fear of dying, being separated from family and lack of food.

Year 6 had to persuade you to take in an evacuee, pointing out that if you took in a boy he could help with the work on the farm and a girl would be able to do the household chores. All pupils agreed this was not appealing for them and preferred life now days.

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