Year 6

Teacher: Mr Smith & Mrs Foy
Teaching Assistant: Mrs Harvey
In Year 6 we are working hard as we come to the end of our time at Orchard Primary School. Although the work is challenging in our final year, we are also learning about lots interesting topics and having exciting trips outside of school. We are becoming confident, independent learners to help prepare us for secondary school.

Our teachers recognise that we learn in different ways and are also helping prepare us for our key stage 2 SATs. The work is challenging and they have high expectations of us, but we also enjoy our learning and will rise to challenges so that we have a successful final year at Orchard.

To find out more about our class and the things we have got up to please take a look below.

8 January 2017

Year 6 Topic Information Summer Term

(updated 12 May 2017)

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Autumn Term

It has been an extremely busy term in Year 6, what with all the pressure of being at the ‘top’ of the school and getting used to the responsibilities that go with it. Our Year 6 children have a number of jobs which really help the school on a day to day basis: organising fruit and milk for classes before school, delivering registers, organising Christmas Card rotas and helping with our Nursery open day by showing parents around the school.

During the early part of the Autumn Term Year 6 have been extremely busy learning about Climate Change and the effect people have on the environment.

We held an art morning at Cray Meadows where the children enjoyed drawing and sketching Five Arches Bridge and the landscape.

We have also been studying World War 2. As part of this we had a fascinating morning at Chislehurst Caves where we learnt about the caves and how they were used as an air raid shelter during the Blitz. The children have enjoyed dressing up as evacuees, choosing what items they would take with them to their temporary homes to escape the bombing and building Anderson Shelters, as part of their ‘Evacuee Day’.

In addition they also experienced a Japanese morning (which was organised by Mr Cowley), delivered food to the food bank after the Harvest Festival.

Chislehurst Caves

Year 6 have been learning about WWII as their topic this term.

Part of the subject is understanding bomb shelters, The Blizt and how people kept safe during this dangerous time.

Chislehurst Caves were used as an air raid shelter when the aerial bombardment of London began in September 1940. The caves became an underground city of some 15,000 inhabitants with electric lighting, a chapel and a hospital. It is not a place you would normally choose to live in, but for your family's safety I think you would comprimise!

Shortly after VE Day the shelter was officially closed.

Evacuee Day

Year 6 came to school dressed as evacuees as they have been learning about WWII.

They also built their own Anderson shelters.

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