Orchard Choir

“I don't sing because I'm happy....... I'm happy because I sing!”

At Orchard we have an Infant and a Junior Choir. We encourage the children who join to make a commitment to the group, try their best and have fun!
We try to instill the joy of music and singing into them, starting at Reception class.
Singing as part of a Choir, is a powerful, uplifting experience.
The benefits to the child, physically, emotionally and socially is huge!
They learn to listen, concentrate, cooperate and commit to rehearsals.
During the year the Choirs take part in a number of exciting activities. This gives them the opportunity to perform as the Orchard Choir, and to experience performing with other children.... with other Bexley Choirs and Choirs from around the country. This enhances self esteem, motivation and pride, in themselves and their Choir.

Over the year the Choirs perform :
in assemblies
at local Churches and Care Homes
at Carols by Candlelight Evening
the Junior Choir sings in the Young Voices Choir at the 02 Arena
the Junior Choir participates in the Bird College Festival of Music , at the Royal Festival Hall
the Infant Choir take part in our Summer Concert and Tea Party
the Junior Choir performs at Summer Celebration Evening
The Choirs are also involved in fundraising activities. We raise money for Demelza House and the 'Back to School Project' (linked to VSO Nigeria)

We are very proud of our Orchard Parent Choir, which is a small group of parents who give of their time and enthusiasm . They sing with us at Christmas and perform at our Summer Celebration Evening.

The ethos of our Choir can be summed up in this way:
C cooperation
H harmony
O opportunity
I involvement

Festival of Music 2017

The Junior Choir went to the Festival Hall, at the Southbank in London, for the Bird College annual Festival of Music.

Over 1200 performers of all ages from the Borough of Bexley took to the stage to form a mass primary school choir.

The concert features performances from the diverse ensembles provided by Bird College. It comprises of three primary school groups: the Primary Massed Choir, the First Access Ensemble and the Primary Massed Orchestra.

Our Junior Choir sang ABC, Happy Talk, Jungle Rhythm and Mrs Gwillam's favourite Something Inside So Strong.

It is an exciting, fun and awe inspiring experience for our pupils and well worth staying up late for.

Mrs Gwillam will be stretching the choir's vocal chords ready for next year.

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Young Voices - Junior Choir -2017

Mrs Gwillam took the Junior choir to the O2 in Greenwich for their annual 'Young Voices Choir'.

They were not alone, but part of a group of over 120,000 excited singing school children aged from 6-13.

This event is a particular favourite for Mrs Gwillam and of course the choir. It is an opportunity to become part of a united singing voice, which is a remarkable experience for our choir. The songs and dances they learn before the event range from folk, pop, rock and classical to give our aspiring vocalist a varied genre.

The group which organises the events believe that children's confidence will be boosted and it will provide them with lifelong memories. The Young Voices Choir has been in existence for 21 years and has raised over 1 million pounds for charities such as CLIC Sargent, Nordolf Robbins and many more. We at Orchard are always so proud to be involved in such a worthwhile organisation.... and to have lots of fun along the way!

This is an unmissable opportunity for our school choir and to sing in huge arenas alongside some of the most talented & well known artists from the world of music. The artists included Natalie Williams- a popular soul/jazz artist, singer & songwriter. The Beatbox Collective kept everyone entertained with their amazing sounds using only their mouths! Tabby Callaghan, a guitar slinging performer wowed everyone with his high energy performances. Of course, Urban Strides were with us again and they had the children and their parents up on their feet dancing!

Hearing the sound of thousands of children singing in harmony is an amazing connection for them to be part of. Young Voices combines the power of singing together as one, with accompaniment from a wide range of musicians and artists, to create an amazing performance.

Mrs Gwillams favourite was 'Maliswe', a song from South Africa, which sounded amazing as we were accompanied by African drums! Of course 'Pop Medley' had all the Young Voices Choir and their teachers up singing and dancing with great enthusiasm and gusto!

Thank you Mrs Gwillam for your time and devotion for making it possible for Orchard Junior Choir to take part in this event,

Choir News

The Choir were very busy over the Christmas period, fund raising for 2 charities.

We ran a raffle and also sang Christmas songs on the school drive.

We raised money to support 2 charities:

- Delmelza House

- The Nigeria, Go back to School Project!

We are delighted to tell you that we raised £250.00! An amount will be given to Demelza, and the

rest will be part of our ongoing fund raising project, in which we are involved with Miss Hale and VSO Nigeria.

Thank you to all those who gave so generously!

Mrs Gwillam & The Orchard Choirs.

Choir Workshop

The Choir had a treat this week. Miss Hale, who has returned from her exciting travels in Nigeria, came to visit!

The Choir are taking part in a project with her, called 'Go back to school'.

We will be involved in fund raising to help a Nigerian child return to school - the money will fund their school fees, uniform and stationery.

Miss Hale had her guitar with her and we had good fun leaving the 'Go back to school song'. The choir have lots of ideas about how to raise money... so watch this space!

The Royal Festival Hall - 2016

On the 24th June 2016, our Junior Choir took part in the Bird College 'Festival of Music' at the Royal Festival Hall in London. After having our lunch on the Southbank and participating in some fun street theatre and watching the incredible skate boarders in the skate park... 'It was show time!'

The Primary Schools Choir, of 400 children, sang a repertoire of songs together: Circle of Life, Africa, Can you Hear Me?, Hey Brother, Sky Full of Stars. The Choir was accompanied by the Primary Massed Orchestra. The Secondary Schools choir of 250 young people sang 2 songs: God Only Knows & Changes. During the evening we were able to watch a number of amazing performers by: Primary Massed Orchestra, Bird College Brass Tacks, a clarinet/flute soloists, Bexley Youth Band, Bexley Youth Orchestra and First Access Ensemble.

It was a fantastic concert and our choir performed beautifully on

stage. It was a lovely experience for all Junior Choir. Our Head

Teacher, Mrs Rowntree watched the show, and she was very proud of our Orchard children.

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