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Pizza Express

On Friday 27th November, we went to Orpington High Street to learn about food at the Pizza Express restaurant.

Our Project Curriculum is about Italy and we have been learning about the country, history and culture.

Pizza is recognised as originating from Italy, so we learn't how to make a traditional stone baked pizza. The chef showed us how to take a ball of dough and stretch it into a circle base ready for the passata sauce.

We learn't that pizzas are cooked in a wood burning stone baking oven which cannot be duplicated by our traditional gas and electric stoves. The even distribution of the heat in the domed clay and stone ovens and the quality and flavour of the natural fire result in a distinctive taste.

Stone ovens are used by speciality bread and pizza bakers and are common in Italy. We all enjoyed the trip and understand how food plays a big role in Italian families.

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Family Learning

Orchard Primary have been holding a five week course, inviting parents, carers and grandparents to take part in activities with their children.

They have been investigating how things grow and exploring simple life cycles. The activities encourage the "enquiring mind" of children through crafts and stories.

The sessions are on Wednesday, between 12.30 and 2.00pm. Children aged 2 1/2 to 5 years old are welcome to attend. It is a fun filled afternoon which encourages adult and child participation.

The next session is on 9th December, and if you would like any more information about upcoming events please contact Family Learning on 0208 298 2833.

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Rainforest Day

On Wednesday 11th November, Year 6 entered the Rainforest. Well maybe not a real rainforest like in South America but a virtual rainforest in their classroom

Mrs Foy invited her friend, an expert and naturalist, to recreate a rainforest in Year 6 classroom, minus the rain. The temperature in class had to be warmer than usual so that the animals, which are native to a rainforest, would be comfortable.

The pupils had the opportunity to hold lizards, a giant snail, centipede, snakes and Mrs Foy's favourite a Tarantula. They learnt about the conditions of living in a rainforest, the animals natural habitats as well as how the animals are adapting to the changing environment of their surroundings in a rainforest.

Year 6 have been reading the book 'Kensuke's Kingdom' by Michael Morpurgo. It is about an eleven year old boy who gets shipwrecked on an island with his dog. Michael Morpurgo uses rich, descriptive language in his book to make the story of Kensuke’s Kingdom as vivid as possible and it came alive for the pupils by experiencing a world of fascinating creatures and tribal costumes.

Friday's Big Write must have produced exceptional stories from the inspirational research of this class visit.

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Fireworks Night

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

What a night we had at Orchard to celebrate Guy Fawkes. It was close to being a total wash out but thankfully by 6pm the heavens decided to clear ready for our fireworks display.

Mrs Say was busy creating as many face painting masterpieces in the space of an hour and a half as one woman can possibly achieve.

Mrs Petrozzi was frantic on the Barbie flipping and tossing the burgers and sausages for the hungry crowd with the help of her assistants.

Then the skies became a colourful array with thunderous bangs as our extravaganza began.

Thank you to all who came to support this event it helps us to raise funds for Orchard!

Art Day

We regularly hold Special Curriculum Days to give our pupils the chance of experiencing subjects in more depth. This term on Thursday 8th October was Art Day!

Each class participates in lessons linked to art. Year 2, have been learning about Superheroes, as part of their Project Curriculum, so they combined their work to draw a superhero and Reception also used this as part of their learning ‘All about Me’.

To finish the day the whole school came together to create their own masterpiece on a section of the longest roll of paper. It was an amazing sight to see everyone happy to work on a mass scale in a small environment, the smiles in the photos speak for themselves.

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