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F.U.D.G.E Day

Orchard recently had another FUDGE DAY....fathers, uncles, granddads everyone! There was a lovely buzz in the school as all classes took part in a range of activities run by our visitors. 6, Sixth Form Drama students from Cleeve Park ran Drama workshops which the children really enjoyed. There was also: gardening, rock climbing, engineering, archery, tennis, cricket, judo ,music, ICT and a London bus driver . Each one of the visitors were inspiring and they got the children involved and engaged. Their presentations led to lots of interesting discussions and good questioning by the pupils. It was also lovely to see 2 of our boys sharing books with their Dad and older brother!

It was a very successful day, enjoyed by the staff and pupils alike......look for the photographs of Miss Sharma and Mrs Brett Smith being thrown by the judo coach!

We know that all the children appreciated our visitors giving up their time to come into Orchard to share their expertise and interests with us. Thank you to all our visitors who helped to make our FUDGE DAY a success. Many of our children went home motivated and try something new and to be the best they can be!

Watch this space Mums, Grandmas and all the women in our school community.....we are thinking about a day for you too!!

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Skoot 'n' Skate

The PTA held an afternoon of skating and scooting around the Junior playground for our pupils.

It was a very popular event with various classes coming together in unity to create an organised circuit for them to skate and scoot around.

This will definetly be an event that Orchard will hold again.

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Year 4 Class Assembly

In assembly today, Year 4 showed us what they have been learning. The theme was crocodiles! They have been reading a book called 'Krindlekrax' by Phillip Ridley about a crocodile who lives in the sewers down Lizard Street. Watch the video below.

Junior Choir Vocal Training

This week Miss Martin, the Vocal Trainer for Bexey schools, visited our school. She worked with the Junior Choir, giving us lots of tips about using our voices well, good breathing and feeling the music.

We went through our songs for the Royal Festival Hall. We learnt a lot from Miss Martin and we are excited about the Choir activities this term- The Royal Festival Hall and Summer Celebraton Evening.

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Reception Tesco Trip

Reception have been learning about healthy eating and what foods can

help you to lead a healthy lifestyle. We went to the Tesco store in

Sidcup to go behind the scene to see what goes on!

Pauline greeted us as soon as we arrived and directed us through a door which we would have normally walked past but this time we saw what was beyond. Up the stairs and through the staff canteen we dressed ourselves in Tesco friendly tabbards and hats ready for the action.

First, we headed for the warehouse and were amazed how organised the stock and deliveries are. Pauline encouraged us to stand in the huge freezer which we all agreed was not a comfortable experience. Too cold for our little fingers and toes.

Visit Reception Class page to read more.

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