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F.U.D.G.E Day

Mrs Gwillam & Mrs Johnson arranged another day of fathers, uncles, dads, grandfathers and every male friend or relative to come into Orchard and share their hobbies, interests and jobs with our pupils.

It was a very busy day with lots of visitors and too many for me to name individually.

The children enjoy listening, trying and taking part in all aspects of the day.

We had Muhamad's dad who is a bus driver and he explained how free transport works.

Isabelle and Tom's dad, who talked about Scout's and hopefully interested a few into joining this useful club.

Jack's dad who inspired everyone including teachers with fitness as he takes part in triathlons.

Harrison's dad spoke about life being a paramedic.

Our own Judo man, Dave Quinn, who showed his judo moves and the children tried it on each other.

Joshua, Louis & Charlie's grandad, Papa John, as we like to call him, came and made pizzas - yummy!

Jacob's grandparents, who brought two of their military vehicles, which we climbed in and my favourite experience of the day.

Lenny and Charlie's dad who played football with some of the boys.

Bill from the Rotary Club, who also holds our weekly Botcha Club, came and demonstrated Ukulele with Lily, Carrie and Lily and also spoke about Engineering.

Lastly Miss Sharma asked her talented friends to come and show their skills. One a coach from Charlton Football Club and another Jordan Darko who is a Piano teacher.

Wow!! I did actually mention everyone.

Thank you to all who helped with this special day and hopefully it will encourage others to step forward and share this day with us next year.

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Grandparents Day

Nursery and Reception invited their grandparents into school today.

First, they went for a cup of tea and slice of cake then they went off with their grandchildren to have a tour of the school.

They had a look at our I.T. suite and of course Reception wanted to show them the Forest School area as it brings them so much pleasure on a Friday afternoon.

It was a lovely day and it was wonderful to see so many grandparents of our pupils wanting to see what life is like at Orchard.

I hope they had as much fun as we all did?

Take a look at Reception and Nursery class page to see more photos.

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Scoot & Skate KS2

KS2 know how to have fun!

Give them wheels and they are off.

The PTA held the second part of Scoot & Skate for the juniors. It's a great event to raise money for the school and have lots of fun.

We will find out how much money you helped to raise :)

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Scoot & Skate KS1

The PTA held another Scoot & Skate for KS1 this Friday.

The sun was out and the rider's had their bash hats on ready for action.

It was a great afternoon zooming around then having a pit stop for a cake and drink.

KS2 will be on Friday 12th May.

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Go Back to School Project - VSO Nigeria

After Gold Book on Friday, the Choir held a Book Sale to raise money towards the Go Back to School Project. Parents and children had great fun choosing a few books to take home.

Thank you to all those who spent their money... the choir were very happy as we raised over £50.00!!

We will be holding another Book Sale later in the there will be another chance to buy some more books.

Keep saving your pennies!

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